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I support individuals in re-discovering their own bodies healing ability. 

My goal is to support you healing from within your own kitchen, so you can take back the things that bring you joy in your life. Through intuitive testing and knowledge I've applied in my own life, we can put your health back into your hands.

Let's get to know each other...

At a young age I lived with deep painful acne, an irritable digestive system, chronic fatigue, migraines, painful periods, horribly weak teeth, violent cold sores, very poor mental health and intense sensory sensitivities.

I was incredibly lucky, and grew up with a mother who was deeply determined to find answers. After trying many different alternative medicines and food based healing methods, she found Medical Medium® and everything changed. A deep dive into understanding where the issues originated, we started our healing journey together. 

Through my journey I have healed from my long list of ailments, my mental health has greatly improved, and my sensory sensitivities are far more manageable. I have energy for things that bring me joy.

Since childhood I have been called to help others find their bodies healing power, and as an adult I have done so at any opportunity. Implementing the knowledge I was gifted growing up and the knowledge I have continued to seek. 

I am practiced or have studied in Medical Medium, Reiki, “The Work” Psychology, culinary arts, and studies of spiritual. 

I use my experience with food, herbs, oils, spiritual guidance and intuition to help you rediscover your bodies healing ability.

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